International Cooperation

In order to engage in modern educational trends and strengthen its profile as an internationally oriented and dedicated , Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies is working on improving international cooperation and continuous development in the field of international engagement, in order to ensure innovation and modernization of the teaching processes and study programs, as well as to prepare its students for successful functioning and work in the global environment, providing them with an international and intercultural perspective.

The vision of the Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies is based on the idea of improving its educational system by applying high professionalism and the highest ethical principles, harmonizing its study programs with dynamic needs from the region, Europe and the world. Our goal is to maintain continuity and to further develop the international cooperation, in order to compare and, in accordance with our possibilities, to implement the quality system of developed educational systems and countries with the best educational practice.

Particular attention is focused in maintaining and improving the concept of dual education by linking the theoretical knowledge and practical work, because this is what distinguishes our students in the labor market. Within the framework of the international cooperation program, Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies will renew all the contracts with the universities from Europe, China, Russia, Azerbaijan and Canada which Belgrade Business School has. This will open the possibilities for active and graduate students of Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies to continue studies abroad and expand their perspective. At the same time, Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies will work on finding new higher education institutions and will sign new contracts.

Manager for the International Cooperation and Cooperation with Universities

  • Jana Cvijić Rodić, PhD