Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies is constantly working on its position on the map of important European higher education institutions, as well as on training its students for the regional and European labor market. Therefore, Academy expands its relationships and partnerships in the region, Europe and the world, opening prospects for its students to, according to their possibilities, and with the support of Academy, continue their education at one of the internationally recognized higher educational institutions and universities.

Regarding the fact, we emphasize that the signing of a protocol for master double diplomas at the State University of Cooperative Studies Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) in Stuttgart in the field of business economics has already been agreed.

The concretization of the conditions is underway: the elaboration of criteria for admission, definition of fees and organization of the teaching process, which will certainly take place partly in Belgrade Business Academy for Applied Studies and partly at the University of Stuttgart.

This type of cooperation enables the promotion of common academic and cultural exchanges in the fields of education, research and other activities, primarily with the aim of enabling students to acquire knowledge for successful functioning and work in the global environment, as well as to strengthen the internationalization of higher applied education.