About the Academy


In order to promote and raise the reputation of higher vocational education in Serbia, the Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2019 founded Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies, which combines two institutions with the longest tradition in the field of vocational education: Belgrade Business School – Higher Educational Institution for Applied Studies and the College of Fine and Applied Arts of Vocational Studies from Belgrade. In that way, the only Academy of Applied Studies in Serbia that includes three scientific fields: social-humanistic, technical-technological and artistic was established. This transformation contributes to more effective, efficient and economical achievement of the goals of vocational higher education and its connection with the needs of the job market.

Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies is the first and leading accredited higher education institution in Serbia in the fields of information systems and technologies, finance, accounting, banking, tax and customs, public administration, management and marketing. Program orientation of the Academy reflects contemporary trends in higher vocational education, a dual concept of study, with students internship as a key basis for the development and formation of experts who would be competitive not only in domestic, but also in European and world labor market.

Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies has a clear vision of its role in improving the system of vocational education in Serbia, as well as strategic orientation towards the needs of society and contemporary educational tendencies. The Academy is an institution that performs higher education activities through the realization of basic, specialist and master applied studies in several scientific and professional areas - technological sciences, economics, management, marketing, law, information technology, and within the frames of educational and scientific fields of humanities and social sciences as well.

An important resource of the Academy is the building itself, which is located in the center of the capital of Serbia, a beautiful city that lies at the confluence of two rivers. The Academy extends over 12,000 m2, it is modernly equipped, functional and fully adapted to meet all the needs of students who have at their disposal 6 amphitheaters and 15 auditoriums, 9 computer laboratories and 1 workshop, air-conditioned and modern library with a reading room. Over three hundred computers are available at all times to all students and employees. The latest and up-to-date computer software is implemented in the teaching process. Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies enables each student to use the computer independently during the realization of the practical part of the teaching. In addition to the space that is directly related to the teaching, the Academy has all other accompanying facilities, enabling students to be fully committed to studying, but also to feel comfortable so that the period of life they spend at our Academy remains in good memory.