Academy president's word

Prof. Saša Bovan, PhD

Dear visitors,


Belgrade Business and Art Academy of Applied Studies is the first state academy of this type, and was founded in order to promote and enhance the reputation of higher vocational education in the Republic of Serbia. The Academy was formed by the transformation of two institutions with a long tradition: Belgrade Business School – Higher Educational Institution for Applied Studies and Business School of Applied Studies Blace, and thereby, we are proud to highlight that the Academy has solid foundations for building a bright future.

The Academy realizes its core activity through the teaching process at two levels of study: at basic and specialist applied studies, and at master applied studies, successfully applying the concept of dual education, which represents a synthesis between acquired theoretical and practical knowledge.

Our strategy is based on the idea of continuously working on the modernization of study programs, primarily in the field of business studies, information technology and law, which are attractive, modern, and which offer innovative approaches in the teaching and learning process, all with the intention to provide our students with competitiveness both on domestic and European market.

Belgrade Business and Art Academy of Applied Studies has a clear mission and vision - the development of competent young people, future experts in their fields of education and interests, who would use the knowledge gained during the studies in complex living and working conditions. Bearing in mind the development of modern technologies in the business world, the main goal of our institution is to offer students an opportunity to master the skills they need, not only in the situations with regards to work or study, but in all areas of life. In this way, the Academy follows the Education Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, which highlights the importance of applying the concept of lifelong learning.

Being a student is more than just studying! Higher education implies your whole personality development and participation in a wide range of activities outside amphitheatres, computer labs and libraries, which the Academy offers through internal and external projects in the domain of development, international cooperation, internship, career guidance, as well as through student organizations in the form of Students’ Parliament and Student Sports Association.

The Academy operates on the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR), taking into account the respect for ethical principles, protecting and promoting the rights of employees and students, and taking care of the local community and the environment.

Concern about students is the main priority of all employees at the Academy, and our motto remains unchanged: "Knowledge, practice and tradition - the foundation of our success!"



The Academy President,

Miodrag Paspalj, PhD

Professor of Applied Studies