Journal Vesnik

“Vesnik” is a journal for theory and practice of social sciences, it is a newsletter of Belgrade Business and Art Academy of Applied studies. The journal is published twice a year and includes scientific and professional papers, articles, and analyses.

The journal was launched in 2013 with the main objective to back-up and encourage not only teaching staff, but also the best students of the final years of their studies, to update their knowledge of relevant scientific literature, to do research and to publish the results of such a research and projects, in the Academy’s main journal. Teachers and researchers from the other schools, academies, faculties and institutes are also invited to contribute to the journal with their works and to present results of their researches, analyses and business practice.

In accordance with the registration of the journal for social and humanistic field and also with the Academy’s study programs, works to be published in the journal may be from the following fields:

  • microeconomics
  • macroeconomics
  • finance and banking
  • management
  • marketing
  • commerce
  • public administration and law
  • tourism
  • ecology
  • business informatics
  • business statistics
  • accounting and audit
  • system of taxes and customs
  • professional language ( topics in connection with foreign languages teaching)

Editor's letter

of Belgrade Business and Art Academy of Applied studies strives, along with permanent improvement of its educational programs to intensify research work, thas gives special importance to publishing, on regular basis, of its own journal. All these activities contribute to the goal of the Academy to become an educational center of high standards. Such a center makes possible the education of the personnel who are able to work in a very dynamic and changing modern economic environment and who will be competitive in the domestic and international labor market.

In order to achieve this goal of the academy, the editorial board will try to encourage research activities and cooperation within Academy and also with other domestic and foreign educational and scientific institutions. We arer looking forward to receiving  papers, articles and also book reviews from all abovelisted fields of the journal.

Secretary of the journal